Community Business garden coming to the Dequindre Cut


Community Business garden coming to the Dequindre Cut

Zach   April 22nd, 2020

The husband and wife team behind Bea’s lemonade & Beas Squeeze is launching a new Small Business Community Garden along the Dequindre Cut.

Small Business Art Garden-1

The community Garden is a creative marketing initiative to support artists, small businesses, and brands with a 3x3 foot sign under the Gratiot overpass along the Dequindre Cut.

Each sign owner is encouraged to use their imagination to create something unique, as each sign is being treated as a piece of art.

Small Business Art Garden-4

Located in the same space a feet feet the right is Beas Lemonade. The lemonade stand launched last year as a way to promote the (at-the-time) unopened co-working space located in nearby Eastern Market.

The lemonade is lowered to people traveling along the Dequindre Cut in bucket, pulley system.

beas pulley system clip

Located less that 5 minutes north is the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard. The Freight Yard hosts a beer garden, vendors and a selection of rotating food trucks.

take detroit Dequindre Cut

If you’re interested in learning more about Bea’s Lemonade, watch the Take Detroit video here.

Follow Beas lemonade and Bea's Detroit online for the latest updates. Send an email to to find out more information about the campaign.

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