Pie Sci Pizza

Pie Sci Pizza

Pie-Sci pizza has quickly grown to become one of Detroit's favorite pizza shops. In response to the Coronavirus, Pie-Sci is taking over-the-phone orders and offering curbside takeout.

pie sci takeout

Located in Woodbridge across from the Wayne state football field, Pie Sci is not only one of the few restaurants in the neighborhood, they're one of the best pizza shops in Detroit. There are meat, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options available.

Nacho Momma-Winter Menu

Pie-Sci pizza is known for thier seasonal rotating menu, and unique combination of ingredients used in the pizzas.

Pie Sci adds ingredients to thier pizzas that dont typically belong on pizzas. The 'Nacho Momma' which was included in the 2019 winter menu was topped with chili lime tortilla chips, black beans, jalapeno's, adobe sour cream drizzle & more. This pie had seasoned ground bee but like most of the pizzas you have the option of a vegetarian version.

BLT pizzaMargherita pizza

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